A woodcase mechanical?

On the theme of the previous “woodcase” review of the S20, I’ve got another “wooden mechanical”, produced by the rather unknown Japanese stationary company Delfonics.

IMG_0506 (1)

It’s called the Delfonics Mechanical Wood Pencil, and it comes in an impressive array of vibrant colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink, silver, white, black, bronze, and a sort of classic marbled wood. The pencil seems to have been made from a bored-out wooden pencil body, and as such it’s a good bit longer than the average mechanical. Beneath the top cap is a plastic tube for lead; there is no eraser. It’s got a solid, functional clip.

IMG_0508 (2)


Because of its wooden construction, there are a few peculiarities with this pencil. The weight is low, as low as a regular woodcase. The wood it’s made of is quite soft, and in fact it dents quite easily. The lacquer is nice and thick, however, and the grip is good on the hexagonal body.

IMG_0510 (1)

The looks are interesting. I like the plunger-like top cap and the machined lettering on the body, but the tip isn’t so sleek. Compare it to a normal woodcase, and you’ll find it’s sort of stubby. Especially considering the length of the pencil, this stands out as a major weak point.


IMG_0514 (2)

Writing with it, I can say it definitely feels like a woodcase in 0.5mm. If you’re a big fan of wooden pencils but can’t be bothered to sharpen, the Delfonics is definitely something to consider. For the fairly low price of $9, it’s certainly worth trying something unique from Japan.

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