Review of the Staedtler Triplus Micro Mechanical Pencil

The Triplus line is one of Staedtler’s most prominent. The Triplus Micro is the mechanical pencil of the set. It is available in lead sizes 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm.


The Triplus Micro is certainly interesting. The barrel is plastic, but feels durable. There are concentric silver rings up and down the body which offer surprisingly good grip. The body itself is triangular with gently rounded corners, hence the name “Triplus”. The large cap accordions when pressed, and can be popped off to access the lead chamber beneath. The clip is on the less-than-sturdy side, especially since it’s attached only to the removable cap. One of the most praised features of this pencil is the long, twist-out eraser. As far as on-pencil erasers go, this one is quite functional and uncommonly long-lasting.



The Triplus Micro is also interesting in its looks. The pencil is slim, and I like the color and shape of the body. The cap and tip are where things begin to falter: the tip seems hastily connected (as it’s circular while the body is triangular) and the top section is rather bulky. The plastic of the cap isn’t molded perfectly and is somewhat marbled-looking. The Staedtler logo (Mars, god of war), name, and “triplus micro 0.5mm” are printed in silver on one face of the body. Overall, the looks of this pencil are intriguing and modern despite a few minor flaws.



The Micro writes surprisingly well, better than I expected. It’s light but well balanced. it does have an extending tip, and so there is a solid sense of precision. I actually really like the grip that you get with the plastic, and the triangular body, surprisingly, works well for me. Don’t be deceived by the name; the Triplus Micro may be triangular but it certainly isn’t small. This pencil is rather long and the triangular body makes it wider than average. The pencil’s extending tip is very functional. That retractable tip and the large eraser actually tick several “convenience” boxes for mechanical pencils, pocket safe, drop safe, and all-in-one.


The interiors of the pencil are not the highest quality, but are perfectly functional. The “click” action isn’t super satisfying but again, it’s solid enough. All in all, for under $10 the Triplus Micro is a very solid choice for an affordable, quality pencil. It is definitely among Staedtler’s top tier non-drafting pencils. It’s very light and remarkably durable (as well as self-erasing!), so if you need a mechanical pencil for outdoor work, it really can’t be beaten.

Goes perfectly with a Field Notes.

Goes perfectly with a Field Notes.

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