Why Pencils?

Who in their right mind would spend $10+ dollars on a mechanical pencil?

This is a question I hear quite often. With Bics that cost pennies on the dollar and put graphite on paper, what’s the point in wasting many times that on what’s just another pencil? I respond to this as follows. You can buy a 1991 Ford Pinto. It’ll cost you next to nothing, and that will show. The suspension is broken, it sucks down gas, and the AC doesn’t work. The thing is always breaking down and you often must buy a “new” 1991 Pinto.

Alternately, you can splurge a little and get what in the pencil world is a Lamborghini. Enough said. The Pinto is enough for some people, but as we all know, you get what you pay for. This is of course true when it comes to pencils.

And like a car, many of us use pencils every day of our lives. Why is it that we devote much attention to our cars (among other things) and neglect our pencils? It seems incongruent the way most of us never even think about what we write with all day.

So even though you can get a pencil for twenty cents, that doesn’t mean you should get a pencil for twenty cents. For just a few more dollars, you may find a pencil you’ll actually notice.

Maybe, on something you use every single day, it’s ok to splurge a little?